We have been collecting these links for some time. We are still in the process of adding to and cataloguing them. If you know of a link that you think should be added to this list please email it to us and we will review it.


Arizona Custom Knives
They have a nice selection of knives with reasonably good images. I particularly like being able to browse by maker.
Custom knives, swords, daggers at BladeGallery.com
Good choice of the modern knifemakers art with a wide range of prices.
Simplistic but serviceable Web site. Lots of good images and a wide choice. I like Their slogan "Don't You Buy No Ugly Knife".
Custom Knife Gallery of Colorado
Good selection and wide price range. Particularly nice selection of folders.
Knife Zone
Lots here. Prices look fairly good. This is a Canadian site so some pricing may appear high due to the value of the Canadian dollar.
Lots of choice and good pictures. Wide range of knives from basic to fine art.


Fenris Forge
Some nice damascus work here.
Grey Wolf Knives
Nice work with lots of damascus.
Radharc Knives
We particularly like the obsidian blades. Beautiful work
Smederij Atenlier Alkmaar
Go to Messen on the right menu and look at these incredible knife creations. I surmise that 'messen' means knife in Dutch.

Thank you to all contributors of these links. You know who you are. Please forgive our use of your descriptions because they are far more eloquent than our own. We can not even claim that English is our second language so we have no excuse.