When buying blades and accoutrements of any type the transaction is always buyer beware. There are many fake and poorly constructed swords out there so we make no recommendations about these links. The descriptions you see are for information only and should not be construed as any form of recommendation. If the forgoing sounds like legalese intended to protect our buts, well — it is. But we equally don't want to see you conned so if you plan to spend a serious chunk of change start by joining a club or association and talking to people who know swords.

Armor restoration.
Medieval Reproductions
Based in Calgary Alberta, they make the most amazing armor. Not having worn any we can't speak for it's comfort but it is amazing in every respect. Great pictures and don't miss the signature piece shown on the home page, look in the premier collection on the armor page.
Manning Imperial
They have some beautiful swords and armor. Prices are up there but the swords look superb. We were supprised that there were so few images of the swords on the site.
Seven Stars Trading Company
This site is often slow to load but interesting once done. Specialising in old Chinese weapons, photos are good and there is usually a good selection.

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