We have been collecting these links for some time. We are still in the process of adding to and cataloguing them. If you know of a link that you think should be added to this list please e-mail it to us and we will review it.

When buying blades of any type the transaction is always buyer beware. There are many fake and poorly constructed swords out there so we make no recommendations about these links. The descriptions you see are for information only and should not be construed as any form of recommendation. If the forgoing sounds like legalese intended to protect our buts, well — it is. But we equally don't want to see you conned so if you plan to spend a serious chunk of change start by joining a club or association and talking to people who know swords.


The Association For Renaissance Martial Arts
Lots of information here if you are interested in how these weapons were used and why they look the way they do.
Old Swords
This is a very useful site if you are trying to identify your latest acquisition. The database appears to be extensive and easy to use. It does require you to register before you use the site but we aren't worried about it. Using the site is easy and intuitive as well as fun to browse.
Sword Buyers Guide
This site has many sword tests and reviews. If you are thinking about buying your first sword this is a great place to start.
Sword Forum International
Lots of great information.

European and Western

Angel Swords
Some beautiful modern manufacture blades in both Japanese and European styles.
Albion Swords
An exceptional line of beautiful weapons
The Antique Sextant
A small line of swords and cutlasses are available here along with Sextants — interesting combination.
Armour Class
Made in Scotland. Some lovely looking swords here, a little different from the usual. No weights are shown so it's a little difficult to know if they are just wall hangers or not.
Castle Keep
Custom swords by Rob Miller. Very nice. Be prepared to be put on a waiting list if you're interested. He comes highly recommended. Nice site but the intro is slow to load so just use the skip intro link.
Civil War Shop
Like the name says this is mostly civil war era but some blades are WWII and the occasional Japanese blade. This site is slow to load but has some interesting items.
Cold Steel Swords
Nicely made modern and replica swords.
Confederate Ordinance
Sometimes some blades available.
Darksword Armory
Watch the video. These blades look like they can take a beating. We don't recomend breaking cement blocks as a habbit.
Curators Eye
Nice pictures but you need to contact to get pricing.
Darkwood Armory
Good selection of fencing swords.
Del Tin Armi Antiche
Difficult to find better. Great close-up pictures with an informative Web site.
Dynasty Forge
A selection of European and Japanese patterns.
Fable Swords
Lots of good looking blades. A little heavy. Great wall hangings.
Heavenly Swords
Mostly low priced swords but there are some of you out there that only want something interesting to put on the mantle that doesn't require a mortgage. They also carry some items from Hanwei and Cold Steel.
Jake Powning
Absolutely incredible. Pricing depends on the piece and availability but it doesn't matter because we can't afford them. This is a must see, the photos are beautiful.
Jody Sampson
More works of art. Just might be able to afford one of these.
JT Palikko
Beautiful work. Historical and fantasy blades.
Kris Cutlery
A nice selection of swords from around the world.
The Lanes Armoury
Usually a large collection of items for sale. Old blades and various other weapons. Great place to browse.
LionGate Arms and Armour
Antique arms of all types. A good selection of blades.
Lutel Swords
Based in the Czech Republic they make a wide variety of nice blades. Click on the British flag in the top-left corner to get the English version of the site.
Manning Imperial
They have some beautiful swords and armor. Prices are up there but the swords look superb. We were surprised that there were so few images of the swords on the site.
Medieval Reproductions
Based in Calgary Alberta, they make the most amazing armor and some nice swords. Not having worn any of the armor we can't speak for it's comfort but it is amazing in every respect. Great pictures and don't miss the signature piece shown on the home page, look in the premier collection on the armor page.
Michael D Long Ltd.
Often a number of original blades available on this site. Remember that buying an antiquity or Nazi era item is always buyer beware. You need to know what you are doing or trust someone who does. This business has been around for a while and appears to have a good reputation (not a recommendation on our part, search Google and decide for yourself).
Michael Simens
Antique guns, civil war swords, antique, weapons, artefacts, rifles, pistols, muskets. Nice pictures with good descriptions.
Military Heritage
Interesting European modern manufacture military swords. Some interesting information about military uniforms. Poor Web site but the information seem worthwhile.
Museum Replicas
Large selection of swords from various manufacturers.
Odin Blades
Nice designs. I can't classify them as fantasy swords because they are clearly made to be used. Worth a look.
Old Dominion Forge
This link takes you to the home page rather than the sword page. The link takes a little looking but is worth it. These blades look like they have come out of a museum, not old but manufactured in the time period. I'm not sure that the designs are authentic but they look like they should be.
Ollin Sword Design
A few very special designs. These swords appear massive but just look at the weight. Photos are good but few, and no close-ups.
Raven Armoury
Some very nice swords here. Pictures leave a little to be desired. We'd like to see more close-ups. They produce some artificially aged swords that look very realistic.
Reliks Swords and Collectibles
An excellent selection of practical and battle ready swords.
Ritter Steel
Some nice looking pieces here. It's a little disappointing that no weights are given in the specifications.
Stage Steel
The name says it all. These are stage swords, unsharpened and made to be left so. They are very heavy (about twice the weight they shoud be) but that is fine because if they were light and the staged fights were at a realistic speed it would be much too fast. Nice ring to them when they come in contact.
Sword and Stone
Movie props and weapons, some of which are for sale. Lots of interesting pieces here; real, fake and outlandish.
To The Hilt Sword Swallowing
OK so don't try this at home. We just had to include this link in our list.
Therion Arms
Some nice blades here. Mostly Paul Chen / Hanwei. Lots of good close up images that give you a very good idea of what the sword looks like.

Thank you to all contributors of these links. You know who you are. Please forgive our use of your descriptions because they are far more eloquent than our own. We can not even claim that English is our second language so we have no excuse.