We have been collecting these links for some time. We are still in the process of adding to and cataloguing them. If you know of a link that you think should be added to this list please e-mail it to us and we will review it. I've catalogued the links roughly under reference, modern manufacture, old Japanese swords and polishing. You may not agree with some of the listings and we don't either so there you go! We think a modern manufactured Japanese style art sword built with traditional techniques, regardless of where it's built, should be listed with similar blades done in Japan. We also think that a modern manufactured blade built with modern metallurgical techniques can be the equal of a prestigious Japanese blade, although perhaps not quite so much a work of art.

When buying blades of any type the transaction is always buyer beware. There are many fake and poorly constructed swords out there so we make no recommendations about these links. The descriptions you see are for information only and should not be construed as any form of recommendation. If the forgoing sounds like legalese intended to protect our buts, well — it is. But we equally don't want to see you conned so if you plan to spend a serious chunk of change start by joining a club or association and talking to people who know swords.


Flaws of the blade
Pictures of typical flaws in blades and links to some information on forgeries. English is a little stilted and difficult since it's translated but still very informative. This page appears to be part of The Japanese Sword Shop site but at this writing I couldn't find a link to this page from the main site.
Essential reading.
Japanese Military Swords
Some excellent information here.
Japanese Sword Books in English
We've put this site under both Samurai swords and books. On the one hand because you can buy the books and on the other because they are an invaluable reference for the serious collector.
Military Swords of Imperial Japan
This is an interesting site but you have to wade through the Japanese characters to get to the English translation. If you are trying to identify a WWII sword this is a good place to start.
The Mantis Dude Presents
So with a site name like that you will have to click on it won't you. This site is full of reasonably good pictures of fittings albeit of a single theme. Wonderful to look at all the interesting fittings but most useful is the section on reproductions (very polite description). If you are a collector this is a good place to get to know what to look for.
Nihonto Kanji Pages
This is a must see site full of useful information. The Kanji pages can make a good portion of the characters visible on Japanese blades intelligible to westerners and the pages showing fake blades are wonderfully informative if a little disturbing.
Northern California Japanese Sword Club glossary page
This is a great site if you are just getting started. Set up by the Northern California Japanese Club, it is filled with useful information, periodicals and publications.
Sword Buyers Guide
This site has many sword tests and reviews. If you are thinking about buying your first sword this is a great place to start.
Toyama Ryu
Full of information and sword reviews. After looking at the Manufacturers Guide above, take a look at the ratings here and see how the two sites compare.
The Samurai Archives
If you are a history buff this page is for you. It's also great for the collector to help put sword and armor styles in context.
Nice collection with explanations, styles and dates of manufacture.

Modern manufacture Japanese style blades

Great site if you want a modern live blade.
Some interesting new manufacture Japanese and Korean made swords.
Cheness Swords
Good selection of moderately priced blades.
DiCristofano, Anthony
Anthony DiCristofano makes beautiful swords. The pictures on his site are very good but we don't think they do his work justice. Also indexed under Sukemitsu.
Dragon Fly Forge
Beautiful modern manufacture swords. Great pictures and usually some items available now. Web site doesn't always work properly but beautiful work regardless.
Dynasty Forge
Japanese Sword
Lots of information on Japanese blades. This site offers a services such as restoration and polishing. They also can help if you are interested in commissioning a sword from a Japanese smith.
Jesus Hernandez Blades
His blades are works of art. He makes both knives and swords.
Kris Cutlery
A nice selection of swords from around the world.
Legacy Art Swords
Beautiful swords and mounts both old and modern. A variety of prices.
Morgan Valley Forge
Howard Clark makes beautiful swords. Although it's unlikely you will be able to get on his list, you never know. So if you are interested in a modern manufacture blade and have the money to get something good than take a look at his site — he accepts commissions on a regular basis and occationally has blades for sale. Finished blades are usually available from Bugei.
Nishijin Sword
Modern made Japanese live blades.
Samurai Company of Japan
Modern Japanese swords.
Shadow of Leaves
An interesting site with some custom blades and tsubas.
Anthony DiCristofano makes beautiful swords. The pictures on his site are very good but we don't think they do his work justice. Also indexed under DiCristofano
True Swords
Cheap swords but we have read a couple of reviews indicating that they are not junk.

Old Japanese swords polishing

Art Japan
Even if you choose not to translate the site, it usually has some lovely pictures of blades and other art.
Art Swords
Usually some interesting items. Japanese swords, antiques and other items.
Bushido Japanese Swords
Based in Honolulu. Some nice swords for sale. Sword polishing available.
CG Fine Arts
Very good images, beautiful swords with a wide price range. Appraisals, restoration and translation are also offered.
Darcy Brockbank's Antique Japanese Swords
Beautiful blades with prices not for the faint of heart. Great pictures and an elegant site design.
This is a Japanese site and usually has a few swords and more fittings for sale.
Good number of swords for sale. Pictures are not the best but serviceable. A good range in prices with some nice blades priced in range of the beginning collector. The choice of course is going to vary so this is a site worth going back to.
FREE Japanese Sword Appraisals, Swords and Fittings, Fine Paintings, Sol
Lots of good close-up images and a good selection of swords. Lists swords by price categories but not individual prices. Featured swords do not show a price so it is left up to your imagination. After viewing some of the detail pictures I have a pretty wild imagination.
Gaigin' Japanese Art Swords
Usually some lovely work here. Photos are good to excellent.
Ginza Choshuya Co.Ltd
Some nice blades available. Prices are in Yen.
Ginza Seikodo Japanese Art, Swords, and Tsuba Since Meiji Period
Absolutely beautiful photos and a good excuse for drooling on your keyboard. Prices in Yen.
Japanese Art Swords
Kenji Mishina Japanese Sword Polisher.
Japanese Samurai Armor, Swords and Weapons
Some interesting armor along with modern swords both wall hangers and some practical blades.
Japanese Swords Arms & Armor Home
Very nice site. Swords listed by price with some interesting blades at lower prices.
Japanese Swords & Asian Arts
Based in the Netherlands with prices in Euros. A variety of stock and prices.
The Japanese Sword Shop
Nice collection of blades for sale. Pictures are not the best but serviceable.
Japanese Samurai swords
Usually a good selection of blades for sale.
Japanese Swords, Antique swords, WWII swords, Tsuka-maki, Translations, Restoration, Sell, Buy
Lots of good information and a few blades for sale
Japanese Sword Society of Canada
A few blades on consignment.
John Stuart: A site for the appreciation of Nihonto
Site by John Stuart. Although not particularly well done the site still contains a number of interesting pictures. Worth a look
Japanese swords and supplies of all types.
Legacy Art Swords
Beautiful swords and mounts both old and modern. A variety of prices.
Some interesting blades for sale. Located in Germany so those of you in Europe should take a look.
Nihonto Japanese Swords & Tosogu
Hefty prices, beautiful blades shown with nice photos.
Beautiful blades with prices not for the faint of heart. I've also catalogued this under 'Darcy Brockbank'.
Nice site although with unusual navigation. Some nice blades arranged by price and with a good variation.
Ricecracker Japanese Swords
Good stock, hefty prices, beautiful images. If your wallet is heavy and you want a beautiful sword, this site is a must-see.
Samurai Swords
Museum quality pieces. Wonderful photos of incredible swords. Prices to match but dare to dream.
Summer Child Polishing by Keith Larman
Very nice looking work. Photos are different in style and stunning.
Tokugawa art
Good selection of blades with lovely images.
Tsukamaki Restoration
Lovely work and based in North America.
Unique Japan
Lots of interesting information hear.
Web site design is not much to speak of but the blades are very nice. Serviceable images in a variety of prices.
Welcome to Nihonto
Usually a few very fine blades. Prices are ... well you just have to take a look. Nice images with interesting commentary..
Welcome to Nihontocraft.com
Nice blades with good detail images.
Good pictures and price range. Lots of swords shown but most are already sold which is a little annoying. Definitely worth a look if you are serious.

The following links are in Japanese. Although some have translation pages they are often contact information only. Still we enjoy looking through some of the blade pictures. OK so we also admit to occasionally running them through a translation application just for a case of the sillies. Talking to some of our Japanese friends we find it goes both ways and we all find it hilarious.



Bushido Japanese Swords
Based in Honolulu. Some nice swords for sale. Sword polishing available.
CG Fine Arts
Very good images, beautiful swords with a wide price range. Appraisals, restoration and translation are also offered.
Japanese Sword Restoration Parts & Supplies - Fred Lohman Company
Good value if you have a sword in need of work. Located in Portland so you don't have to send your sword off the continent.


Thank you to all contributors of these links. You know who you are. Please forgive our use of your descriptions because they are far more eloquent than our own. We can not even claim that English is our second language so we have no excuse.